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INTESOL 2023 Session Descriptions: 11:00

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Interest Section


Dual Language Gentrification

Trish Morita-Mullaney & Kelly Farkas – Purdue University


Advocacy, K-12, University/Higher Education


Salon A

Let Them Be Heard: Differentiated Student-Centered Discourse Strategies (90 minutes)

Judson Wright – Purdue University

In this session, Wright will present a series of short, easy-to-learn Visible Thinking Routines that deepen students’ thinking, improve their comprehension and connection with course material, and provide opportunities for students to communicate and share their thoughts and ideas in the classroom, highlighting that different social and cultural backgrounds can provide a more diverse, inclusive, and engaging educational environment at any language level.

K-12, Teacher Education, University/Higher Education

Salon B

How to Identify Microaggressions

Anne Garcia – Purdue University

Sophia Garcia – Ivy Tech, & Diego Garcia – Lafayette Jefferson High School

Latino (and other ML) youth experience racial and cultural microaggressions frequently in secondary schools. Educators are not well-trained on how to identify and discuss microaggressions and commonly ignore these issues because they are unsure of how to handle them. This workshop will show how to identify, deconstruct, and discuss microaggressions.

Advocacy, K-12, Secondary Schools

Salon C

Understanding IN Adult English Learners

Lara Pastore – Indiana Department of Workforce Development

Indiana Adult Education has experienced a significant increase in English learners over the past three years.  Data will be presented on what this growth looks like from a geographic, language, and native country perspective. Information will also be shared on how to become an Adult Education program in Indiana.

Adult/Community Programs, Refugee Concerns

Salon D

Support Elem. ML's in Content Area

Kim Miller – Vista Higher Learning

This session will share ideas for educators to collaborate on strategies to scaffold content area lessons in an elementary setting for multilingual learners.  Participants will understand the means of providing equity in academic content to all learners regardless of background or heritage language.

Elementary Education, Intensive English Program


Salon E

Family English Classes in a K-12 Context

Megan Singh & Allanhyia Hall – Enlace Academy

Enlace Academy, a K-8 charter school on the west side of Indianapolis, offers a free Saturday English class for families. Presenters will discuss the development of a program that has involved dozens of families in its first year. Similar program models and funding sources will also be explored.

Adult/Community Programs, Elementary Education, K-12

GB 1-2

Multilingual Minds: Literacy for All

Beth Samuelson – Indiana University

Multilingual Minds connects you with resources for promoting literacy in underserved languages. If you teach students at any level who are literate in their own languages, this workshop is for you. Come and learn about ways to support them and help them to bridge learning their new language, English.

Adult/Community Programs, Elementary Education, K-12, Refugee Concerns, Secondary Schools, Technology

GB 3

Needs Assessment for Tailored Training (90 minutes)

Sponsored Presentation

Nicholas Gordon & David Malatesta – English Language Programs, U.S. Department of State

Teachers abroad benefit from utilizing needs assessment tools in their training projects. During this interactive workshop, attendees will engage with U.S. Department of State exchange participants and learn to utilize various tools for understanding teachers' needs, interests, and experiences, which helps to contextualize training for audiences abroad.

Applied Linguistics, Elementary Education, Intensive English Program, K-12, Teacher Education, University/Higher Education

GB 5

Evaluating two adult ELL programs

Lilunnaher, Sean Hall, & Ismael Zerbo – Ball State University

This study is an evaluation outlining the basic conditions of two adult ELL programs in Muncie, Indiana. Through first-person observation of classes and semi-structured interviews with teachers, the researchers identify the strengths, weaknesses, and challenges of these programs. Solutions will then be provided to implement moving forward.


Adult/Community Programs, Refugee Concerns

Zoom 1

Multilingual Parent Authors as Leaders

Laura Liu & Anakarina Hurtado – Indiana University Columbus

This is community engaged research practices art-based inquiry to explore ways in which parent authors have shaped community connections with and understandings of culture and language through their creation of multilingual funds of knowledge (Moll, 2019) stories, and how this storying process has shaped their own leadership within the community.

Secondary Schools


Zoom 2

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