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ELs Thriving in Rural Schools

Dee Degner – Indiana University

The number of new English learners is rising in rural communities which already struggle with limited resources. The purpose of this study is to determine independent methods of learning that were used by students who then went on to college and to integrate those methods into the curriculum.

Elementary Education, Teacher Education

Salon A

Let Them Be Heard: Differentiated Student-Centered Discourse Strategies

Judson Wright – Purdue University

In this session, Wright will present a series of short, easy-to-learn Visible Thinking Routines that deepen students’ thinking, improve their comprehension and connection with course material, and provide opportunities for students to communicate and share their thoughts and ideas in the classroom, highlighting that different social and cultural backgrounds can provide a more diverse, inclusive, and engaging educational environment at any language level.

K-12, Teacher Education, University/Higher Education

Salon B

Teaching Pronunciation in ESL: A Primer

Kyle Swanson – Purdue University

This highly-interactive workshop aims to prepare instructors to effectively help their students improve their pronunciation. It primarily introduces the dominant formalized approach to teaching pronunciation, the Communicative Framework (Celce-Murcia et al., 2010). It also covers the articulatory phonetics of English sounds, engaging activities, and useful resources, including AI and NLP.

Adult/Community Programs, Intensive English Program, University/Higher Education

Salon C

Workplace English Collaborations

Matthew Hume – International Center for Intercultural Communication and the Immigrant Welcome Center

Juan Padilla – Immigrant Welcome Center

The International Center for Intercultural Communication at IUPUI has partnered with Immigrant Welcome Center to promote workplace English classes at businesses around the Indianapolis area. In this session, you will learn about the impact of this collaboration and gain knowledge of best practices in teaching English for Specific Purposes.

Adult/Community Programs

Salon D

VoiceThread Engagement Patterns

YangyangZhu & Samarn Pang – Purdue University

This study investigates VoiceThread engagement patterns in a graduate course, exploring posting frequencies, response modalities, and demographic influences. Data from 85 participants in an English language development course were analyzed. Findings reveal correlations between posting frequency, response length, and demographic factors. The study informs educators about optimizing VoiceThread use in diverse learning environments.

Intensive English Program, Teacher Education

Salon E

TESOL Lessons for People and the Planet

Rebekah Baker – Anderson University

Introduce environmental stewardship to elementary students while building literacy skills for dual-language learners. Engage in simulation games, an interactive story, and data representation for academic enrichment in science, mathematics, social studies and language arts. Receive lesson plans matched to state standards for multiple disciplines.

Elementary Education

GB 1-2

Implementing ESSA Accountability Policy

Chen Li – Purdue University

This qualitative study explores critical policy actors' interpretation of policy requirements and implementation by examining their exercises of power, values, and the use of policy instruments during their decision-making process. The findings highlight the challenges faced by the state in developing its ESSA plan to address the needs of ELLs.

Advocacy, Elementary Education, K-12, Teacher Education

GB 3

Helping Students Craft Impactful Stories

Matthew Allen & Parvaneh Rezaee – Purdue University

Digital storytelling is a powerful way to engage learners in language learning, creative thinking, and presenting. However, students often struggle to craft narratives and may be distracted by digital technologies. In this session, we introduce a 'story stack' approach, an activity we use to help students create compelling narratives.

Secondary Schools, University/Higher Education

GB 4

Needs Assessment for Tailored Training (90 minutes)

Sponsored Presentation

Nicholas Gordon & David Malatesta – English Language Programs, U.S. Department of State

Teachers abroad benefit from utilizing needs assessment tools in their training projects. During this interactive workshop, attendees will engage with U.S. Department of State exchange participants and learn to utilize various tools for understanding teachers' needs, interests, and experiences, which helps to contextualize training for audiences abroad.

Applied Linguistics, Elementary Education, Intensive English Program, K-12, Teacher Education, University/Higher Education

GB 5

Features of EMI teachers training

Violeta Kalnytska & Iryna Korneyko – Kharkiv National Medical University

Besides general English proficiency, English medium instruction (EMI) teachers require specific EMI skills which help the students, for whom English is a foreign language, to overcome their language difficulties. It is suggested to build these skills at the EFL lessons for the candidates to teach in the medium of English.

Teacher Education

Zoom 1

Cambodia's Higher Education: CLIL Study

Vikrant Chap & Wayne Wright – Purdue University

This session introduces a research study on content instructions at an English-medium university in Cambodia under CLIL methodology, a U.K. bilingual education approach. The data were generated from classroom observations, interviews, and focus groups. We discuss the expansion of CLIL beyond Europe and distinguish CLIL from U.S. bilingual education approaches.

Teacher Education, University/Higher Education

Zoom 2

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