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2017 Keynote Speaker

Christian Faltis

Christian Faltis is Professor of Language, Education, and Society and Chair of the Department of Teaching and Learning at Ohio State University.  His research interests include teacher education for emergent bilingual users, bilingual and dual language education, and critical arts-based learning. 

Faltis has been a Fulbright Scholar.  He was the recipient of an AERA Distinguished Scholar Award in 2001. He was inducted as an AERA Fellow in 2016. Among his many publications are Preparing Teachers to Teach in and Advocate for Linguistically Diverse Classroom:  A Vade Mecum for Teacher Educators (2016); Secondary Bilingual Education: Cutting the Gordian Knot (2015); The Arts and Emergent Bilingual Youth, (2013); Education, Immigrant Students, Refugee Students, and English Learners (2011); and Teaching English Learners and Immigrant Students in Secondary School Settings (2007). 

He holds an MA degree in Mexican American Graduate Studies from San José State University and an MA in Second Language Education and PhD in Curriculum & Teacher Education with an emphasis in Bilingual Cross-Cultural Education from Stanford University. Professor Faltis is an artist who integrates political art concerning Mexican immigration with educational policy and practices.  His work has been shown in published in multiple venues across the United States

Art & Language Learning Intersect

Dr. Faltis is also an artist and often uses his political artwork to influence educational policy and practices. 

One of his publications, The arts and emergent bilingual youth : building culturally responsive, critical, and creative education in school and community contexts (2013), analyzes model arts projects to raise questions about "best practices" for and with marginalized bilingual young people, in terms of relevance to their languages, cultures, and communities as they envision better worlds. A central assumption is that the arts can be especially valuable for contributing to English learning by enabling learners to experience ideas, patterns, and relationship (form) in ways that lead to new knowledge (content).

Dr. Faltis will share some of his artwork at the 2017 INTESOL Conference!

2016 AERA Fellow!

Dr. Faltis was inducted as an American Educational Research Association Fellow in 2016. This video highlights his academic career and accomplishments.

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