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University of North Carolina Writing Center


Articles and how-to for academic writing and research intended for undergraduates, salve but can be very useful for students studying academic English

University of North Carolina Writing Center Videos


Short, easy to understand, and informative videos professionally produced by the University of North Carolina for academic writing.

Breaking News English


Many, many short and current news stories with a variety of exercises for reading comprehension, speaking and writing. There is also an online Flash video for students to increase their reading speed.

Readability Software and App


This is a useful application which you load on your computer or phone to “transform any article into a calm, humane and readable experience.” A great way to help students (anyone) focus on the text to read.



Vocabulary explained with easy-to-understand definitions (really!). Each word in the dictionary has current usage examples. Users can make lists and practice with multiple choice questions.



About 1200 Listening files on current topics for adult learners. There a variety of countries and accents represented with conversations.



In-depth explanation and practice for grammar points with current event stories and pictures.

Study Guides and Strategies


Short tutorials on many aspects of studying and testing in college. There is information about academic reading, writing, research, test-taking, time management, vocabulary and other sections. Translated into 36 languages (not all parts are translated, though).

ESL Discussions.com


Loads of topics with questions to encourage conversation and debate.


Reading instruction and reading games for elementary students. Great for use on the Smart Board


This website has a large selection of stories. It is good for listening, has vocabulary, and cloze activities. I use this website for both high school and adult ed.


This website is excellent for all levels of English Language Learners. It also has translations in many languages. I use it in my Newcomer class with our large Burmese populations.


Lots of activities for ESL students, picture quizzes,

http://www.eslcafe.com– This site has been around for a long time. It has a variety of activities for students and teachers.


Skills and General Literacy SitesLiteracy Links: This site is compiled of many websites. A good reference for students looking for job skills


Lots of free activities, EL Civics Government and History Lessons for ESL Students


Pizzaz! – Simple creative writing and oral storytelling activities with printable handouts


Bridging Refugee Youth and Children’s Services (BRYCS) provides national technical assistance to organizations serving refugee and immigrants so that all newcomer children and youth can reach their potential.

A topical collection of ESL teaching resources for various levels. The material is searchable by skill, level, or topic.

This site accompanies the Ventures series (by Cambridge) and provides free interactive online activities for students.

The corpus of contemporary American English (COCA) from BYU.

This website contains links to thirteen units on phonemic awareness and pronunciation of English vowels and consonant phonemes. The units are available as PDFs and include supplementary materials such as audio and video clips.

The sounds of spoken language phonetics flash animation project is an interactive webpage that demonstrates English, Spanish, and German phonemes and how they are pronounced. Basic knowledge of phonetics is useful for navigating this site, which provides lip and tongue placements for each sound in each respective language.

An online dictionary/forum (excellent Spanish-English resource, but useful for translating between other languages as well).

Jazz chant audio files and scripts

This website is not always updated, but it provides a list of adult ESL classes in Indiana (searchable by region).

A free PDF from the Center for Applied Linguistics on Refugees from Burma.

A comprehensive web portal with resources for students and teachers. Includes interactive exercises, message boards, etc.

A site run by ESL teachers that includes research, tips, and activities.

Listening activities grouped by level.

List of resources and other websites grouped by skill and topic including: listening comprehension, reading, speaking, writing, grammar, vocabulary, news, test prep, culture, research/study skills.

Handouts/printouts for teachers. Phonics, flashcards, and ready made games.

Community of thousands of ELLs and teachers. Entirely free and built and updated by members.

Center for applied linguistics. Resources and databases dedicated to linguistics teaching.

Teaching ideas, forums, and other resources.

CCS (Cross-Cultural Solutions)
international volunteering

Peace Corps
some positions are volunteer, others are paid

Tico Times Directory
lots of information about working in Costa Rica, teacher employment leads, etc.

Teach Away, Inc.
many positions around the planet

Teaching Tolerance
activites, downloadable kits, lesson plans, etc. for teaching diverse students of all ages and languages in the classroom and in common areas of the building

Rethinking Schools
articles, actiities, downloadables that tie into diverse student backgrounds and encourage critical thinking and social awareness — produced by classroom teachers

Global Exchange
teaching resources and 'reality tours' to locations around the planet

Teaching for Change
lesson plans and resources for building social justice in the classroom, in pqrent organizations, and in student volunteer groups — ". . . students learn to read, write, and change the world"

Center for Internatioanal Policy — The Americas Program
articles and commentary on events creating migration through the Americas

NNIRR: National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
curricula, youth training programs on issues affecting migrants, refugees, and immigrants


This site includes videos and exercises for American pronunciation of common words and phrases.


Here you will find articles, lessons, techniques, jokes, games, and more, all for teachers of English.


A creative way to teach pronunciation of English vowels, this site includes a chart where each color corresponds with a different vowel sound.


This site includes vocabulary and grammar quizzes, bilingual quizzes in dozens of languages, and links to podcasts and videos.


Quick reminders of common grammatical problems. Explanations are clear and easy enough that advanced learners themselves may be able to use this as a resource.


This site features current news stories from around the world, each with over 40 activities for listening, reading, grammar, vocabulary and writing.


This site includes 440 lessons and 88 quizzes on all things grammar.


Links for L2 learning on the Internet. Includes links to various sites for social networking, audio, vocabulary and reading, and more.


Over 30,000 free worksheets for teachers, made by teachers. Search by grammar focus, vocabulary focus, language level, or student type.


Paste in any text and with the click of a button, you can see the text’s readability level.

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